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eDemocracy – only a slogan or the future of the democracy? Today an «e» in front of an expression implies progress. Especially in Switzerland, a directdemocratic governed country, you ask for the opportunities and the risk of a shifting of the political processes to the internet. What are the desires? Which projects are already launched? Which are the social, political and economical impacts of a conceivable implementation of an eDemocratic system in Switzerland?

Within the framework of the work for the certificate of secondary education with the topic «eDemocracy» Thomas Jörg (Gymnasium Hohe Promenade, Zurich) and Denis Nordmann (Realgymnasium Rämibühl, Zurich) are creating a documentary which takes about 20 minutes and also a multimedial website. Interviews with actors from the research, the parlament, the government and from the economy should show the way from the traditional open council to tomorrow's eVillage.

Suitable to the century of information technology we chose the corresponding tools and methods to produce our work; i.e. we are creating a multimedia presentation with modern digital cameras, and by using a professional cutting software, we will coordinate our work by email and of course with our website. Because most of all scientific papers and information about eDemocarcy are in english, we will try to write all our texts in english too.

Zurich, 2001/02


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